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Inflatable Foldable Floating Row

Inflatable Foldable Floating Row

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  • 🌊🌊COMFORTABLE Side arms and headrest features integrated inflatable bladders made of heavy duty vinyl to provide back and arm support for all-day lounging in the pool floating on the lake or drifting on the river In this floating lounge chair you'll always be semi-submerged so it's easy to keep cool under the hot summer sun!
  • 🌊🌊 ADJUSTABLE Control your sitting or reclining position quickly and easily Two sets of straps allow you to position yourself comfortable no matter your size Whether you're sitting upright or fully reclined you'll experience semi-submerged buoyancy to keep you cool all day.
  • 🌊🌊DURABLE You spoke we listened Now made from quick drying quality denier nylon with upgraded reinforced stitching at the straps Side arms and headrest feature integrated inflatable bladders made of strong 12 gauge vinyl Based on customer feedback we've made the necessary improvements to ensure that your Homegoal Water Chair Lounge is built to last.
  • 🌊🌊PORTABLE The sling seat and flexible lower backrest allows for the chair to compact together as needed for easy on-the-go use. Going on vacation? Simply deflate the bladders and pack the chair in your luggage
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